Don’t Let the Big Bad “Wolf” and “Judas Goat” to Lead the Sheep to Slaughter!

It is now official that former Deputy Secretary of Defense in the George W. Bush administration and neoconservative icon and Iraq War architect Paul Wolfowitz is most likely to support Hillary Clinton instead of Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. Why doesn’t that surprise me? If you think about the wars that were started under Bush and Wolfowitz’s watch, you’ll see a correlation between their militant heritage and Hillary Clinton’s plans for an all-out World War III scenario. She’s expected to finish what they started. Horrific, isn’t it? But to them it’s all just money-making scheme. In fact, it seems to me that Hillary Clinton is that “Judas Goat” that is set up to lead us, the “sheep”, to slaughter…

I always wondered how can anyone make any money in the war? While the cost of the weapons used in wars ends up costing millions or even billions of dollars, not to mention human suffering, the wars are still being instigated even in the poorest countries on Earth… So who is paying for all those weapons? When I read a book by Smedley Butler called “War Is A Racket”, it all made sense: the weapon makers profit from wars because they get paid with our tax money now to make more weapons for future wars, while at the same time the weapons that were already built and paid for our “defense” are now being used in all those proxy wars overseas that our country is starting in those “Third World” countries. Thus, U.S. Military Industrial Complex and everyone who’s partnering with them profit. Who is victimized? The taxpayers, whose money is used for warfare instead of improving our lives, the soldiers, paying the ultimate price with their lives, and the victims of wars who get raped, dismembered or killed in the process of extracting the wealth of their homeland’s resources right from under them.

This is the short orientation on the war machine that Hillary Clinton is set to feed with our livelihoods in not so distant future. Her popularity among neoconservatives and supporters of infinite wars is very troubling, making her the candidate of the “War Party”, and definitely not the people of the United States. If you don’t like Trump for whatever reason, it’s not your only choice to vote for Clinton! There another peace-oriented Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein that have recently tweeted on Paul Wolfowitz’s decision to vote Clinton, mentioning that Democratic Party becomes the preference for “neocon war hawks” like Wolfowitz and Clinton.

Source: Tweet

Until we all realize that the American people risk losing thousands of soldiers and officers in these needless “Infinite Wars”, and that our soldiers are not “defending our Freedoms” (what freedoms and from whom?), there’s not much that could be done regarding the plans to instill Hillary Clinton into the White House and let her madness (pun intended) run wild to please the super-rich and powerful war mongers and the Elite. I predict that our votes will be tampered with, so I urge you to consider voting on paper ballots only and pray hard for our country and the rest of the world! Stay away from electronic voting and please reconsider your support for Hillary Clinton if you haven’t done so… May this year bring us all Peace, not War!

Author: Emily Ford


Forgotten History is Bound to Be Repeated


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” 

(Sam Adams: terrorist, patriot, and public enemy #1)

While researching the possibility of a new civil war to start within the US that both Trump and Clinton’s supporters are warning about if they will not win the elections, I stumbled upon an interesting article about the real causes of the American Civil War. It turns out, our history books are lying that the sole reason for that war was to abolish slavery. If we examine the actual “declaration of causes” written by the states that have declared secession from the Federal Union as soon as President Lincoln, elected solely by the North, was sworn in, a thoughtful reader should realize that the Constitutional rights of those South states were violated by the laws that were imposed on them by the Federal Government, mostly controlled by the North states. The South states were at disadvantage because the North states had about 50% more people than those in the South due to influx of immigrants and slaves fleeing into expanding cities of the North. As a result, the House of Representatives had more representatives from the North, and they were passing the laws that were only good for the North, but were bad for the South states, which still used slave labor. In fact, the slave issue was used to instigate hatred between people who lived in the non-slave states and the farm owners of the South states, and so the constitutional rights of people living in the South were not defended by the Federal Government, because of which the South states have eventually decided to leave the Union and formed its own Confederation.

If we look at what preceded the American Civil War, the 15th U.S. President James Buchanan comes to mind, who served in 1857-1861. It was his presidency and his domestic policies that ignited the American society and brought it on a verge of war. What’s interesting is that before he became the President of the United State, he served as Secretary of State also, and during his tenure, he provoked the war with Mexico and followed Washington’s colonialist approach towards Cuba and other Caribbean islands. He also made the topic of slavery front and center in his Inaugural Speech. Pretty much like gun control issue is being used to manipulate the emotions of American people in our time. Amazing, isn’t it? The more things change, the more they stay the same… Now, what would happen, if, let’s say, Hillary Clinton promises to put more restrictions of the right of American people to bear arms to protect their lives and livelihoods, or ban the gun ownership altogether for a bogus reason of some “anti-terrorist act”? I bet the South states will not be happy once again, and many patriots in the North won’t tolerate such legislation also. In fact, Texas and other states are already contemplating exist from the US and strive for self-determination in the face of personal liberties infringement and such unconstitutional legislation by Federal Government like “Patriot Act”, not to mention the attacks on the 2nd Amendment.

As you can see, there are certain similarities between James Buchanan and Hillary Clinton serving as the Secretary of State, so if Clinton becomes the next President of the United States, I really don’t know how long our states will be united for. If she used her time at the State Department to initiate war in Libya, provoke a civil war in Syria and a coup in Honduras, who knows what she does next? Her election campaign alone is causing social tensions and public outrage at the barbaric methods of silencing her rivals. Because she is not offering any effective solutions or reforms to soothe these tensions, they are bound to boil into a serious crisis. It’s not clear yet if Donald Trump’s win could defuse the growing tensions because he is being actively vilified by all major U.S. Media outlets, but it is now clear to me that if Hillary Clinton gets elected, her rule may begin (or end) in tragedy similar to the one that occurred about 150 years ago: we may either have a Civil War within our borders or possibly nuclear World War III all over our Planet. If American people don’t learn from our real American history, the history is bound to be repeated, and that won’t be pretty…

Author: Emily Ford


Long-lasting Effects of Turkish Coup D’état Attempt for the US Foreign Relations

It looks like we survived through the week of Republican National Convention electing Donald Trump as the Presidential Candidate of the Republican Party. We still have another week to get through with Democratic National Convention where Hillary Clinton is expected to squeeze herself into the running. And since her major opponent have joined her and asked his supporters to support Clinton now, I think America that we know and love is doomed and heading for disaster. What a shame, really…

In the meantime, let’s examine the Turkish coup attempt that took place in Turkey on the night of July 15 since I’ve been reading some interesting incriminating article on the US, England and Israel involvement in this attempt. What makes this coup d’état so different from others that Turkish military is so famous for is, of course, the fact that it failed. Which means that it wasn’t well planned, not all military personnel was participating, and therefore, this coup was not ideological, based on internal disagreements within the country, but rather a quick and dirty attempt to overthrow legitimate government by the external, not necessarily Turkish parties. In fact, soon after the coup, Erdogan expressed his fury with US and the fact that we don’t extradite his long-time enemy Fethullah Gulen who is living somewhere in Pennsylvania since 1999, apparently under protection of CIA, as was reported in several editorials in Turkish, such as this one, where Google translator (thanks, Google) states:

“Fethullah Gulen is a cult leader who lives in the United States and [is] used by the CIA as a tool Gladio (a CIA-led activities that operated in Europe and infiltrated leftist organizations, killing democrats and leftists). This organization is also organized within the Turkish armed forces to implement a US-led policies. They shot down the Russian plane in November 2015 [and] attempted a military coup yesterday. The Air Force has played an important role in this coup attempt. The court had agreed to prosecute the 2000 Gulenist officers in the Turkish army two days earlier.”

So, here we have it: US have played its part in both the Turkish Coup attempt and in downing of a Russian SU-24 in November of last year, after which Turks have suffered from economic and tourist sanctions imposed on them by the Russian Federation. I wonder why it was hidden from us all this time? No worries (yet), it was a rhetorical question. Now that Turkish President have publicly apologized for the downing of a Russian military plane that he probably never even ordered, I have yet to see our President Obama to apologize to Russians for the same. Oh, wait! America never apologizes for anything, like George W. Bush once said. Why would Obama have any more conscience than any of the other conscience-free leaders that we have recently had? Again, it’s a rhetorical question…

What interests me more is why Turkish military have succeeded in all Coup D’états of the 20th Century that happened in 1960, 1971, and 1980, as well as a military memorandum in 1997, but then fail in 2016? Looks like the reasons for such an extraordinary failure are the fact that the highest military officials and other parts of the army disagreed to participate in overthrowing Erdogan’s regime, and that the ousted leader have been popular enough for the people to listen to his call to flood the streets and stop the coup. Although this approach has contributed to the number of reported deaths, it did save the country from the terrorist networks overtaking the country. As a result, Erdogan has started a massive army and the lawmakers’ cleansing activities, arresting and persecuting thousands of his ideological enemies, horrifying the US and Europe out of their wits. In the meantime, Israel is silent, as if Mossad had nothing to do with this coup and the killings of Turkish soldiers (Israel’s long-time enemies) on the streets.

On a positive note, Erdogan may, after all, restore Turkish relationships with Russia, Syria and Iran and maybe even stop bombing the Kurds living in his country. We’ll just have to wait and see what he does next, but so far I completely understand his anger. I mean, wouldn’t you be angry if your allies used your own military base in order to overthrow and even maybe kill you? I sure would! But no, Turks should not get angry. Only US can do it. What a double standard…

That said, I do not agree with recent allegations made by many US media that Erdogan stands to benefit from the coup attempt so much that he must have been the one behind it. He definitely does use the situation to his advantage, but who would blame him except for the perpetrators of the coup attempt? The fact that the coup plotters used NATO-occupied Incirlik Air Force base, and the subsequent arrest of the base commander, General Bekir Ercan Van by government forces right after the coup was defeated, tells us that Washington leaders were behind the coup and must have given the green light to the leaders of the coup or else the coup would have been stopped even before it started.

Unfortunately, American and all official media is void of both ethics and logic, and so our leaders would never admit to being wrong, not mentioning apologizing for such dirty deeds. I doubt that anything will change for the good after our November elections, but let’s keep hoping that things to deteriorate to the point where we will have to hide under our desks in the attempt to save ourselves from the nuclear retaliation coming from our former “partners in crime”… After all, NATO did give Turkey 40 nuclear missiles to keep Russians in check. When will we ever learn to mind our own business?

Author: Emily Ford

“Anaconda-2016” is a Prelude to the War in “the Jungle”

Looks like NATO is yanking Russia’s chain again, leading a major military exercises since the Cold War I with half a Europe. As one article described it, “NATO forces have begun the largest military exercise in Europe since the end of the Cold War. Designed to simulate the alliance’s response to a Russian attack on Poland and the Baltic States, the 10-day exercise will include parachute landings, live-fire exercises, bridging operations, and electronic warfare and cyberwar scenarios. The U.S. Army calls Anaconda 2016 a ‘joint defensive operation on a large scale’ that features 31,000 participants from 24 NATO countries. With 14,000 U.S. troops participating, American Army units are at the center of the Polish-led exercise.”

Just imagine it for a moment: massive parachute landings are being practiced as a “defense measure”! Well, unless those are all military pilots being trained to catapult out of shut-down military planes, I don’t buy it, and neither should you. As that article concluded, NATO is exercising to prepare for the war with Russia, and there should no longer be any doubts about it.

If you read previous news about NATO, you know that Montenegro was just accepted into the Alliance, regardless of multiple objections by its people who, by the way, suffered greatly from NATO when it was still part of Yugoslavia… Montenegro people got literally stabbed in the back by this latest act of its puppet leaders. NATO exercises will also reap US – Russian relations further apart, making our world even less safe, and this rift is looking even more morbid with Hillary Clinton positioning herself to win the US Presidential elections in November. As you know, she was sponsored by Wall Street and Military Industrial Complex, and those people will want their money back one way or another: mostly though huge military orders that will be worth billions. American people who think that it should concern them should think twice because we will be paying for it by not just our tax money, but also by our lives! Even if you or your children won’t go to the US Army (though many impoverished families have no other means to earn good money), you can still become a target of retaliatory bomb or a missile… And whether it will be nuclear or conventional – won’t even matter anymore. Thus, we should all think really hard about the consequences of our choices in November!

As the Guardian reported, “Anaconda-2016 is a prelude to Nato’s summit in Warsaw on 8-9 July, which is expected to agree to position significant numbers of troops and equipment in Poland and the Baltic states.” So, here we have it: NATO will increase its presence even more, surrounding Russia in a suffocating snake’s hug… However, Anaconda can’t just suffocate you: it can swallow you as well. We will have to wait and see if this “Anaconda” can swallow (and digest) a whole “bear”, but the point it: it shouldn’t even try it because in Nature, they live in different climatic zones, across the Atlantics… And there they should remain!

Author: Melinda White