Morally Challenged IPC Crippled the Paralympic Games
Source: Wall Street Journal

I cannot believe they did it! Banning one hundred of the best Russian athletes from the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio was a very bad and morally wrong decision, but how could the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) ban all Russian handicapped athletes from the Paralympic Games now? This politically-motivated decision made obviously due to Americans doing some arm-twisting upon World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) and International Olympic Committee (IOC) decision-makers have just became blasphemously wrong and outright criminal! There’s obviously nothing sacred left in the world of big politics, and we have now witnessed just another example of how small of a value a Human life now possesses.

Many Americans live pretty happy lives when they are not paying attention to how many people get killed daily in the Middle East or Eastern Ukraine because they were somehow made to believe that we’re superior to everyone else. Many don’t want to believe that the reason or side benefit of contemporary wars is the abundance of human body parts being delivered to the hospitals in Germany, Israel and the U.S., while most of them being cut out from alive victims (otherwise, they wouldn’t be useful for long). Most people don’t want to know anything about child sex trafficking or selling kids for organs to be given to some sick kids of rich parents… Nothing like the above phases us any longer, but banning Russian athletes for a reason that somebody somewhere took some doping to increase their performance in sport (regular Olympic sport!) has infuriated me beyond belief! It is just another low for our sick and quickly disintegrating world.

I want to remind IPC members, however, that “what goes around – comes around”, and “what you sow is what you’ll reap”… If I have observed anything in this world it’s that Karma (the Law of Cause and Effect) does exist, and immoral deeds will eventually get punished one way or another! For example, if you hurt a cripple (I won’t call them as “handicapped” or “physically challenged”, which would be politically correct way of calling them, because that could desensitize your feelings toward them), you will pay – if not with money, then with your health, your children and grandchildren’s health! Who knows – you may even get crippled from a car wreck or die in it, or have your kids die or get disabled… By punishing “God’s people”, you might as well have punished God Almighty just to please your wealthy American benefactors. In a society where streets and public transportation is made with the handicapped people in mind, actions like banning them from such Universal sport competition like Paralympic Games without any regard for their abilities and qualifications is the most unsanctified thing to do!

The sole reason for these wicked actions is infinite jealousy and spiteful hatred towards Russian athletes. Look at the medal counts from the last Paralympics in Sochi in 2014 and think of how badly Americans have probably felt that they couldn’t rid the Russian cripples from their 80 medals… But now they can! It does feel good to be an American, doesn’t it? What a way to beat Russians at the Olympic and Paralympic Games!


People who will not fight for these athletes to attend the Paralympic Games in Rio should stop calling themselves “human”. Those who are silent are enabling the guilty. If you are considering yourself a Human – act like it and don’t let the injustice prevail! Because the next thing that will happen if Russia and USA cannot “play nice” together at the Olympic and Paralympic Games – they will soon find themselves fighting each other on the battlefield of a size of our Planet, and that won’t be pretty! Think about this the next time you believe Media hype about somebody taking doping and still having clean test results… I am pretty sure that all Paralympic athletes have special medical care and treatments done to keep their bodies functioning, and to think that they may risk their lives by taking prohibited drugs on top of what they have to take for their condition doesn’t make any sense to me! This attack on the disabled Russian athletes is beyond any words or reason, and if the decision will not be reversed, and fast, I vow to never ever watch any Olympic or Paralympic Games or any other sport event in the future! I hope you will join me, and I hope that IOC and IPC will lose all of their sponsors. At least, the Russian ones…

Marina Nova

August 10, 2016.



The Olympic Wars 2016: a Psychological Battle in the Informational War

The Olympic Games in ancient times, when they first begun at Mt. Olympia in Greece in 776 B.C., were held without interruptions till they were abolished by the Christian Byzantine Emperor Theodosius I in 393 A.D., and they ran even in 480 B.C., during the Persian Wars. The Olympic Games in were revived and made international in 1896. However, politics started influencing the universal spirit of the Olympic Games when World War I and World War II caused cancellation of the Olympics in 1916, 1940 and 1944. In addition, when the Olympic Games were held right after each war had ended, the nations that lost the war were not invited to the games. At some points, like in 1980 and 1984, there was limited participation in the games due to some nations boycotting the events due to disagreements over the events in Afghanistan that occurred right before the Olympic Games of 1980. Nevertheless, no major nation was banned from participating in the Olympic Games for issues of disqualification of a few individual competitors, even on the grounds of taking performance-enhancing drugs or a painkiller… Not until now, at least.

The way that politics keeps interfering in the into the spirit of Olympic comradery and internationalism could be seen during the beginning of the Olympic Games of 2008, when Georgia attacked people of South Ossetia (after Georgian troops were trained by the U.S. Army), while the eyes of the world were pinned to the Olympic Games that started in Beijing that day, and also during the Olympics of 2014, when U.S. President Barack Obama boycotted the Olympic Games held in Sochi, Russia, and asked other leaders to do the same, while at the same time the nationalistic groups, backed and trained by the U.S. military, successfully overthrew the legitimate Ukrainian Government and later installed the puppet Junta “government” that later started a civil war in its own people in Donbas region. What’s different now, in 2016, is the attempt to disqualify the whole team of Russian Federation on the grounds of supposed doping found in several competitors, whose preliminary dope testing is being supposedly hindered by Russian officials. We know that in this time and age, all medal winners are being tested for the use of performance-enhancing drugs right after the competition, and a handful of Gold and Silver medalists were disqualified for this reason after the testing. Why is Russia being singled out like this months before the Summer Olympics of 2016?

In a sport that’s individual, making a whole team suffer is looking more like a punishment that was favored by the Nazi: they killed many civilian hostages for killings of a few of their soldiers, regardless of who actually killed the soldiers. In individualistic society like we have here, in the U.S., mass punishment like this would cause an uproar and a revolution. In fact, when a few black people get killed, the whole Black community rises up to fight for its own. Why is the whole Olympic Community being so complacent in this case of utter injustice that can backfire by making all other “unwanted” countries to be banned from the Olympic Games in the future on the bogus grounds of “suspected doping”?

I am questioning the fairness and impartiality of the International Olympic Committee and International Association of Athletics Federations Council and their decisions because if they make the precedence of banning a huge country like Russia, who historically has been winning nearly as many medals as China and the United States, then the international spirit of the Olympic Games will be lost forever, and the medalists will most likely be all fake. Do we want to cast the Olympic Games into another weapon of war? We already have been fighting informational wars all over Internet and Mass Media, and these wars have already ripped apart families and friendships between people across the Globe and torn apart the whole countries. We also observed how Economic Wars are made to isolate a country we don’t like, though, thank God, not all countries think alike because Economic Wars backfire big time (and fast). Please don’t start the Olympic Wars if you cannot handle the consequences like having a hot, real war with your enemy because, when all ties are broken and all bridges are burnt, going to war with a country like Russia would be a disaster of cosmic proportions!

Author: Emily Ford