Vices of Presidential Health and Modern Media


Last week was dominated by our memories of the tragedy on 9/11, and since we had our eyes full (or fooled?) with fainting of Hillary Clinton, I decided to stop ignoring her health issues and look deeper into what could be wrong with her and what consequences may her health have on this Presidential Elections and our lives. To start off, I’d like to say that I believe that HIPAA laws have to be followed, and that every citizen or resident of the United States have a right to have their medical records protected from public disclosure. Thus, the only person who has a right to disclose Hillary Clinton’s medical records by law is, of course, Hillary herself (while she is alive, anyway). That said, I’d like to state that I in no way wish Hillary ill, even though I don’t like her actions and therefore don’t think that she should be our next President.

I have read many speculations of some doctors who never treated Hillary about what could be wrong with her based on their observations of her symptoms, but none of them are, of course, certain. It’s understandable that her actual doctors should not release the details of her true medical condition because they’d be liable for breach of HIPAA laws and be sued for that. Still, since the stakes are so high and it does matter in what medical and mental condition are people who are fighting to lead our country, I think that all Presidential candidates have to disclose the details of their medical evaluation done by a group of the independent doctors (not their primary physician who they may have formed personal relationships with). So far I have not seen this happening, and so all we have to go on are the speculations seen on the Internet. Since the President will have access to the “red button” that could deploy American nuclear arsenal and start a war, I believe it is absolutely necessary that our Presidential candidates’ mental health be thoroughly evaluated and reported on. Although it’s been researched that about 95% of people who succeed in politics are, in fact, clinical sociopaths or even psychopaths, they’re still being elected and followed by us, the common folks. Therefore, disclosing of the mental health information of any potential politician’s, I think, must take a priority over any other health information, relevant or not.

However, all the speculations around Hillary Clinton’s condition revolve over her seizures and fainting symptoms that are being observed during her public appearances, although the latest 9/11 episode have caused so much hype that WABC TV station host have declared her dead on 9/11! Since it’s highly unlikely that a news host could have made such a huge mistake, people are now wondering whether Hillary we saw leaving her daughter’s apartment building was, in fact, Hillary Clinton of her body double? As a result of these speculations, Clinton’s office has finally released Hillary’s medical condition via the letters from her doctor, stating that nothing is seriously wrong with her. In response, Donald Trump has also disclosed his medical evaluation to the Dr. Oz, although Clinton’s campaign told us that he didn’t. All this drama and anecdotal behavior of our Presidential candidates and this unprecedented campaign remind me of both Alice’s Wonderland and the Oz world ruled by the Wizard of Oz… I often think that I’ve had enough of this nonsense and just want to wake up from this silly slumber!

When it comes to Hillary Clinton’s health in particular, I doubt it would matter as much if people didn’t think that her symptoms point to some potentially fatal condition, and so her selection (obviously, what we’re observing now is not an election) could essentially leave us with her choice of Vice President to lead the U.S., and that, of course, could also have some serious consequences, though probably less vital than if Hillary will remain in power for the next four or, God forbid, eight years… After all, do you remember the President Franklin D. Roosevelt and how his unfortunate demise shortly before the end of the World War II have changed the Human history forever after his Vice President Harry S. Truman have decided to drop two nuclear bombs on Japan and have started the Cold War with the USSR after he became the President of the United States by default, without going through full election process?

Therefore, while voting for the next President of the United States, we have to keep in mind and research on what kind of the President would Vice Presidential nominees make, if given that chance. We don’t know much about Tim Kaine, except that he’s supposedly religious centrist who supports imposing strict gun control laws on the U.S. citizens, but that last fact alone could stir some major civil unrest in this country… As for his foreign policy, I can bet that he would be just as dedicated of supporter of aggressive foreign policy as Hillary Clinton is. Otherwise, they both would never be backed up by the U.S. Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street, don’t you think?

We are already paying for our mistake of electing Obama in hopes for “change” and his promises to stop the “endless wars” overseas. As a wise man said, “the more things change – the more they stay the same”… I recommend you reading this article from Counterpunch and think about the choices that we have to make soon. While contemplating on the future of our once great and respectable country, I want you to keep in mind all pros and cons when it comes to the candidates’ both foreign and domestic policies because we all, unfortunately, will have to live with our choices, thought we should keep in mind, that the puppeteers will do everything in their power to make sure they take our choices away from us… Maybe it’s not too late to speak up and act on our beliefs and hopes for this country? The alternative may be much worse…

Author: Emily Ford

Don’t Let the Big Bad “Wolf” and “Judas Goat” to Lead the Sheep to Slaughter!

It is now official that former Deputy Secretary of Defense in the George W. Bush administration and neoconservative icon and Iraq War architect Paul Wolfowitz is most likely to support Hillary Clinton instead of Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. Why doesn’t that surprise me? If you think about the wars that were started under Bush and Wolfowitz’s watch, you’ll see a correlation between their militant heritage and Hillary Clinton’s plans for an all-out World War III scenario. She’s expected to finish what they started. Horrific, isn’t it? But to them it’s all just money-making scheme. In fact, it seems to me that Hillary Clinton is that “Judas Goat” that is set up to lead us, the “sheep”, to slaughter…

I always wondered how can anyone make any money in the war? While the cost of the weapons used in wars ends up costing millions or even billions of dollars, not to mention human suffering, the wars are still being instigated even in the poorest countries on Earth… So who is paying for all those weapons? When I read a book by Smedley Butler called “War Is A Racket”, it all made sense: the weapon makers profit from wars because they get paid with our tax money now to make more weapons for future wars, while at the same time the weapons that were already built and paid for our “defense” are now being used in all those proxy wars overseas that our country is starting in those “Third World” countries. Thus, U.S. Military Industrial Complex and everyone who’s partnering with them profit. Who is victimized? The taxpayers, whose money is used for warfare instead of improving our lives, the soldiers, paying the ultimate price with their lives, and the victims of wars who get raped, dismembered or killed in the process of extracting the wealth of their homeland’s resources right from under them.

This is the short orientation on the war machine that Hillary Clinton is set to feed with our livelihoods in not so distant future. Her popularity among neoconservatives and supporters of infinite wars is very troubling, making her the candidate of the “War Party”, and definitely not the people of the United States. If you don’t like Trump for whatever reason, it’s not your only choice to vote for Clinton! There another peace-oriented Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein that have recently tweeted on Paul Wolfowitz’s decision to vote Clinton, mentioning that Democratic Party becomes the preference for “neocon war hawks” like Wolfowitz and Clinton.

Source: Tweet

Until we all realize that the American people risk losing thousands of soldiers and officers in these needless “Infinite Wars”, and that our soldiers are not “defending our Freedoms” (what freedoms and from whom?), there’s not much that could be done regarding the plans to instill Hillary Clinton into the White House and let her madness (pun intended) run wild to please the super-rich and powerful war mongers and the Elite. I predict that our votes will be tampered with, so I urge you to consider voting on paper ballots only and pray hard for our country and the rest of the world! Stay away from electronic voting and please reconsider your support for Hillary Clinton if you haven’t done so… May this year bring us all Peace, not War!

Author: Emily Ford


How the Bell Tolls for America We Once Knew

Then Democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary Rodham Clinton, left, has a word with aide

The news topic that is still popular this week is the emergence of emails from WikiLeaks that point out to a very dangerous corruption scheme that allows foreign nationals to get a tet-a-tet meeting with our, God forbid, future Missis President… For the right price, of course, but still… Isn’t it the same as selling out to the foreign governments? I had hard time believing that it’s possible for foreign governments or foreign citizens to influence the U.S. Presidential Elections in such a direct way as to contribute large sums of money to their preference of a candidate, but when I went to Clinton Foundation site to search for contributors, and who do I find?

The following foundations of foreign governments and foreign nationals are not even hiding their contributions to Hillary’s latest bid at the White House, and I just looked at the ones over a million dollars: Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada), AUSAID, Commonwealth of Australia, Kingdom of Norway [Government of Norway], Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi (from Saudi Arabia), Government of the Netherlands, Irish Aid, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), State of Kuwait, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, Dubai Foundation, Friends Of Saudi Arabia, and I’m sure there are more if we start digging into each name posted. My point here is: why are these entities so interested in the Clinton Foundation that they donated millions into it? Could it be that they’re investing and sponsoring a future President of the United States of Arabia [pun intended] and are interested in getting a good return on their investments afterwards? I mean, I doubt that these “philanthropists” are making such donations just to lower their tax bracket… And what about foreign governments like Saudi Arabia and Canada? What do they have to say about who should be our next President?

If I was accepting “donations” from multiple wealthy men and was attending the dates with them in exchange for huge amounts of money, I’d be called a very bad name, wouldn’t I? What makes our President-hopeful Hillary Clinton any better? What seriously worries me in addition to that is that Hillary’s personal aide is Huma Abedin, a Muslim woman that is married to a Jew, and mostly because she used to live in Saudi Arabia, and her father was an acquaintance of Saudi King at a time… It was noticed that Huma’s whisper into Hillary’s ear is usually enough to secure a private meeting between a large contributor and our future President (God forbid!) if all other attempts fail. I don’t take this fact lightly and I hate that our nation’s sovereignty is being sold out to the highest bidder like that! This is not the kind of country I’d like our kids to inherit from us, and I don’t want our children to become slaves of Saudis or Chinese for that matter because our generation allowed a 20 trillion dollar debt to occur…

In the meantime, over 50 of mysterious deaths were reported of people who were associated with Clintons and posed some risk to their mafia-level of operations, and if you haven’t been following, you should now because, as English poet John Donne once wrote it and an American novelist Ernest Hemingway has cited, No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine…”, and therefore any mans death diminishes me because I’m involved in mankind.” As this Clinton-related death toll grows, “never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.”

Author: Emily Ford

Morally Challenged IPC Crippled the Paralympic Games
Source: Wall Street Journal

I cannot believe they did it! Banning one hundred of the best Russian athletes from the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio was a very bad and morally wrong decision, but how could the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) ban all Russian handicapped athletes from the Paralympic Games now? This politically-motivated decision made obviously due to Americans doing some arm-twisting upon World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) and International Olympic Committee (IOC) decision-makers have just became blasphemously wrong and outright criminal! There’s obviously nothing sacred left in the world of big politics, and we have now witnessed just another example of how small of a value a Human life now possesses.

Many Americans live pretty happy lives when they are not paying attention to how many people get killed daily in the Middle East or Eastern Ukraine because they were somehow made to believe that we’re superior to everyone else. Many don’t want to believe that the reason or side benefit of contemporary wars is the abundance of human body parts being delivered to the hospitals in Germany, Israel and the U.S., while most of them being cut out from alive victims (otherwise, they wouldn’t be useful for long). Most people don’t want to know anything about child sex trafficking or selling kids for organs to be given to some sick kids of rich parents… Nothing like the above phases us any longer, but banning Russian athletes for a reason that somebody somewhere took some doping to increase their performance in sport (regular Olympic sport!) has infuriated me beyond belief! It is just another low for our sick and quickly disintegrating world.

I want to remind IPC members, however, that “what goes around – comes around”, and “what you sow is what you’ll reap”… If I have observed anything in this world it’s that Karma (the Law of Cause and Effect) does exist, and immoral deeds will eventually get punished one way or another! For example, if you hurt a cripple (I won’t call them as “handicapped” or “physically challenged”, which would be politically correct way of calling them, because that could desensitize your feelings toward them), you will pay – if not with money, then with your health, your children and grandchildren’s health! Who knows – you may even get crippled from a car wreck or die in it, or have your kids die or get disabled… By punishing “God’s people”, you might as well have punished God Almighty just to please your wealthy American benefactors. In a society where streets and public transportation is made with the handicapped people in mind, actions like banning them from such Universal sport competition like Paralympic Games without any regard for their abilities and qualifications is the most unsanctified thing to do!

The sole reason for these wicked actions is infinite jealousy and spiteful hatred towards Russian athletes. Look at the medal counts from the last Paralympics in Sochi in 2014 and think of how badly Americans have probably felt that they couldn’t rid the Russian cripples from their 80 medals… But now they can! It does feel good to be an American, doesn’t it? What a way to beat Russians at the Olympic and Paralympic Games!


People who will not fight for these athletes to attend the Paralympic Games in Rio should stop calling themselves “human”. Those who are silent are enabling the guilty. If you are considering yourself a Human – act like it and don’t let the injustice prevail! Because the next thing that will happen if Russia and USA cannot “play nice” together at the Olympic and Paralympic Games – they will soon find themselves fighting each other on the battlefield of a size of our Planet, and that won’t be pretty! Think about this the next time you believe Media hype about somebody taking doping and still having clean test results… I am pretty sure that all Paralympic athletes have special medical care and treatments done to keep their bodies functioning, and to think that they may risk their lives by taking prohibited drugs on top of what they have to take for their condition doesn’t make any sense to me! This attack on the disabled Russian athletes is beyond any words or reason, and if the decision will not be reversed, and fast, I vow to never ever watch any Olympic or Paralympic Games or any other sport event in the future! I hope you will join me, and I hope that IOC and IPC will lose all of their sponsors. At least, the Russian ones…

Marina Nova

August 10, 2016.



National Conventions and Wall Stalling of DNC

“The DNC Hypocrisy of the Wall”

The last two weeks were just a preview of what awaits us in November, as we have witnessed two mega-productions of Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Although I have spent more time watching the speeches from the RNC to check if anything would prove the claims that Donald Trump was discriminating anyone (as our Media portraits him), I had also made an effort to review several key speeches from DNC, and found them to be very boring, slow, with “on the cue” cheers every 10 seconds, and just plain and dull… If I was critical of Hillary Clinton before – now I’m simply terrified about the possibility of her being pushed into the White House, and I do mean “pushed”, because there’s no way our election system would even allow a fair, true democratic elections at this time. Sad, but true…

Of course, the highlight or the Republican National Convention was the speech given by the current wife of Donald Trump Melania. Personally, I found her speech moving, and the fact that she is a Slovenia-born immigrant spoke volumes against Donald Trump’s supposed hate for immigrants. His very first wife Ivana was a Czech immigrant, and yet, they stayed married for 14 years. What is it if not the evidence that he does not hate or discriminate against immigrants or Americans, for that matter (his second wife was an America-born citizen). In any case, the only thing that Media could decimate during the Republican National Convention was the fact that one sentence of Melania’s speech was using words from Michelle Obama’s speech without giving her the credit. Apparently, plagiarism is more of a crime in this country than a push for war with everybody who our leaders don’t like…

On the other hand, on the eve of the opening of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, a bunch of emails written by the Democratic party leaders while discussing the election campaign became public. The Media didn’t find a better explanation for the existence of these emails but to pinpoint the origin of this leak at nobody but Russian President Vladimir Putin himself and the hackers who supposedly work for him. I remember when we were fed the tales about a Russian farm of trolls, and now we are told there’s a team of hackers who hate Hillary Clinton, but love Donald Trump for who knows what reason? I mean, if Trump supposedly “hates immigrants”, why would he love Russians, and vice versa? There’s some evidence, however, that Russians had nothing to do with this leak, as the hacker in question named Guccifer 2.0 did give an interview about his motives, stating the he is Romanian and doesn’t even like Russians, but no major Media outlet cared to report it. The way I see it, this leak was a direct retaliation to the incarceration of the first Guccifer, also a Romanian citizen, who is being held in American prison and was very recently reported dead or maybe not. This motive seems plausible to me. However, there’s no logic in the dirty business of Geopolitics.

What was missing in all this Media hype, however, is the fact that Democratic Party willingly sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ bid for candidacy for the benefit of their now crowned Queen Clinton, thus disregarding the will of millions of Americans and virtually half of the democratic population of the United States! Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders and his supporters “ate” it and didn’t complain much, not inside the convention facility, anyway. I did watch Bernie’s speeches made for his supporters and at the DNC, and couldn’t remember a single point afterwards. It was a bunch of long pauses due to noisy roars, and no content was delivered that would stick out. I did wonder if he got that plane he wanted from DNC for his concession or anything else worth betraying his supporters over, but I guess we’ll have to wait until Guccifer 3.0 emerges to release that information… I have also appreciated the hypocrisy of a wall trolling action to hint at Donald Trump building the wall with Mexico, while DNC had built two walls between the speakers and the democrats in just four days of Democratic National Convention!

What was also not explained by Media was the existence of pressure put by DNC on key media networks forcing them to dismiss the hosts or journalists who could in any way criticize Hillary Clinton on TV. Are we not striving for the Freedom of Speech in this country? No, apparently, we want the Freedom of Speech in Russia, China and all other countries we don’t like, but not here, in the United States that was built on freedoms and dignity of our Forefathers…

I don’t want to get into Hillary’s speech at the moment, as I think it’s irrelevant. If we haven’t heard a word of truth out of her mouth, we probably won’t. After reviewing the list of companies who donated millions of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which was kindly provided by Guccifer 2.0, I did realize that we have probably about six months to live in overall world peace because if Hillary does get “selected” (we won’t have honest elections, as you probably know by now) to be our next President, our lives will never be the same afterwards! She will work this country and every other country on the Planet into the ground as a payback to her benefactors from the Military-Industrial Complex. So much for the first Lady President, a mother of all mothers…

Author: Emily Ford

Long-lasting Effects of Turkish Coup D’état Attempt for the US Foreign Relations

It looks like we survived through the week of Republican National Convention electing Donald Trump as the Presidential Candidate of the Republican Party. We still have another week to get through with Democratic National Convention where Hillary Clinton is expected to squeeze herself into the running. And since her major opponent have joined her and asked his supporters to support Clinton now, I think America that we know and love is doomed and heading for disaster. What a shame, really…

In the meantime, let’s examine the Turkish coup attempt that took place in Turkey on the night of July 15 since I’ve been reading some interesting incriminating article on the US, England and Israel involvement in this attempt. What makes this coup d’état so different from others that Turkish military is so famous for is, of course, the fact that it failed. Which means that it wasn’t well planned, not all military personnel was participating, and therefore, this coup was not ideological, based on internal disagreements within the country, but rather a quick and dirty attempt to overthrow legitimate government by the external, not necessarily Turkish parties. In fact, soon after the coup, Erdogan expressed his fury with US and the fact that we don’t extradite his long-time enemy Fethullah Gulen who is living somewhere in Pennsylvania since 1999, apparently under protection of CIA, as was reported in several editorials in Turkish, such as this one, where Google translator (thanks, Google) states:

“Fethullah Gulen is a cult leader who lives in the United States and [is] used by the CIA as a tool Gladio (a CIA-led activities that operated in Europe and infiltrated leftist organizations, killing democrats and leftists). This organization is also organized within the Turkish armed forces to implement a US-led policies. They shot down the Russian plane in November 2015 [and] attempted a military coup yesterday. The Air Force has played an important role in this coup attempt. The court had agreed to prosecute the 2000 Gulenist officers in the Turkish army two days earlier.”

So, here we have it: US have played its part in both the Turkish Coup attempt and in downing of a Russian SU-24 in November of last year, after which Turks have suffered from economic and tourist sanctions imposed on them by the Russian Federation. I wonder why it was hidden from us all this time? No worries (yet), it was a rhetorical question. Now that Turkish President have publicly apologized for the downing of a Russian military plane that he probably never even ordered, I have yet to see our President Obama to apologize to Russians for the same. Oh, wait! America never apologizes for anything, like George W. Bush once said. Why would Obama have any more conscience than any of the other conscience-free leaders that we have recently had? Again, it’s a rhetorical question…

What interests me more is why Turkish military have succeeded in all Coup D’états of the 20th Century that happened in 1960, 1971, and 1980, as well as a military memorandum in 1997, but then fail in 2016? Looks like the reasons for such an extraordinary failure are the fact that the highest military officials and other parts of the army disagreed to participate in overthrowing Erdogan’s regime, and that the ousted leader have been popular enough for the people to listen to his call to flood the streets and stop the coup. Although this approach has contributed to the number of reported deaths, it did save the country from the terrorist networks overtaking the country. As a result, Erdogan has started a massive army and the lawmakers’ cleansing activities, arresting and persecuting thousands of his ideological enemies, horrifying the US and Europe out of their wits. In the meantime, Israel is silent, as if Mossad had nothing to do with this coup and the killings of Turkish soldiers (Israel’s long-time enemies) on the streets.

On a positive note, Erdogan may, after all, restore Turkish relationships with Russia, Syria and Iran and maybe even stop bombing the Kurds living in his country. We’ll just have to wait and see what he does next, but so far I completely understand his anger. I mean, wouldn’t you be angry if your allies used your own military base in order to overthrow and even maybe kill you? I sure would! But no, Turks should not get angry. Only US can do it. What a double standard…

That said, I do not agree with recent allegations made by many US media that Erdogan stands to benefit from the coup attempt so much that he must have been the one behind it. He definitely does use the situation to his advantage, but who would blame him except for the perpetrators of the coup attempt? The fact that the coup plotters used NATO-occupied Incirlik Air Force base, and the subsequent arrest of the base commander, General Bekir Ercan Van by government forces right after the coup was defeated, tells us that Washington leaders were behind the coup and must have given the green light to the leaders of the coup or else the coup would have been stopped even before it started.

Unfortunately, American and all official media is void of both ethics and logic, and so our leaders would never admit to being wrong, not mentioning apologizing for such dirty deeds. I doubt that anything will change for the good after our November elections, but let’s keep hoping that things to deteriorate to the point where we will have to hide under our desks in the attempt to save ourselves from the nuclear retaliation coming from our former “partners in crime”… After all, NATO did give Turkey 40 nuclear missiles to keep Russians in check. When will we ever learn to mind our own business?

Author: Emily Ford