Too Bad the “Titanic” Must Die…


Here we are, Ladies and Gentlemen, stuck on a huge, luxurious Titanic in the middle of the Ocean of corruption, treason and deceit that are plaguing our once great country… I have taken a month of sabbatical away from my writings, as the news kept pouring in every day, but the topics were repetitious, and all the good words have been already said, except for the last week or so, when we also found out that both Clintons had a knack for sex with children, practically running the child sex trafficking ring with their Clinton Foundation. This last bit of information angered my feminine side and awaken a huge desire for justice to be served, although U.S. Department of Justice puts all stops to prevent this from happening. However ugly the latest findings by NYPD and Wikileaks are, I doubt it will make a deep dent in Hillary’s campaign, but the hope must die last, right?

However ugly this election campaign may still get, I have decided that I will still vote, even though there’s tremendous amount of evidence that the elections will be changed to the benefit of the most paid candidate from the Democratic Party. Democracy has become an oxymoron by now, and I cannot help to feel disgust every time I hear this word now. I cannot believe that I was voting for democrats during President George W. Bush’s reign, but back then Republicans kept choosing the candidate I didn’t like at all. I now bet those elections were also doctored because, if you remember, they were very close. When Barack Obama took the office, I switched to voting for the Green Party candidates, thought it didn’t help to prevent Obama from winning. After all, that’s when the Super PACs and half a billion dollar campaigns started influencing the elections.

Now that I have witnessed this crazy circus of the Elections 2016, although I really like Jill Stein’s peaceful agenda and planned to vote for her this year, I have realized that unless we all vote for Mr. Trump to overwhelm their electronic voting rigging system that’s based on manipulating percentages of the votes to favor the candidate of someone else’s choosing, the “Wicked Witch of the East” will be selected to win, whether we want it or not. So the best bet is to have Donald Trump win by a landslide, so that no matter how many percent they add up across the country, Hillary doesn’t have a chance… I don’t know if this plan is even realistic, but I do know that it’s too early “to throw [this country] into the towel.”

The second important thing is to ask everyone I know to vote on paper ballots. Last time I was voting in Primaries, I saw that there were only two paper ballot stations available, and much more of electronic machines, and I saw that everyone but me chose to vote electronically. This has to be changed if we want to stop the Democratic Party from rigging this Election! People have to demand a paper ballot, or else we’ll lose the control over our country for good. The problem here is not only that we’ll get Clinton for at least the next 4 years, but also that she will appoint the Judges into Supreme Court that would be as corrupt as she is, and we’d have to wait till they all die before we can replace them. This is how important this Election is! Therefore, voting for Third Party candidate is similar to voting for Clinton right now.

Obviously, I cannot make you to vote for Trump or anyone else, for that matter. Hey, I cannot even make you vote for Putin, though I’ve seen some people who wished they could… If you choose to vote for “children-loving” (a.k.a pedophile) Hillary Clinton just because you are afraid of Trump, it would be your choice, and you will have to live with that choice on your conscience. It now has become clear that FBI will not press charges against Clintons right before the Elections, and there’s little hope that NYPD will be allowed to do it, though they got the evidence, and I have an outmost respect for their integrity and service to our country. The big factor here is that the President Obama is too eager to pardon her before he leaves Office, so the only last chance our country has to right the wrong will be on November 8th, with you voting against her. And if the results are still showing that Hillary has won, demand a full and transparent vote recount, ballot by ballot (those ballots will have to be paper, though).

This is it, folks! The time is running out. Either we stand up now or live on our knees for the rest of our lives, which may be shortened by Hillary instigating a nuclear war with Russia and China to get rid of the 90% of the people on this Planet. That war is in their plans, and we now know it. The choice is still yours, so please make a wise one. If everything fails, make plans accordingly. That’s all I can tell you before saying good bye, because there’s no point of me to keep saying the obvious if no one is listening… Our “Titanic” of a country was huge and luxurious one, but it got so corrupt and dangerous for the world that it must die… Our only chance of survival would be if we “rename” it, and the countries usually get renamed after what? I hope you got my point.

I’m leaving you all now with undying hope for the World Peace and a prayer… God knows we need it!

Author: Emily Ford

Vices of Presidential Health and Modern Media


Last week was dominated by our memories of the tragedy on 9/11, and since we had our eyes full (or fooled?) with fainting of Hillary Clinton, I decided to stop ignoring her health issues and look deeper into what could be wrong with her and what consequences may her health have on this Presidential Elections and our lives. To start off, I’d like to say that I believe that HIPAA laws have to be followed, and that every citizen or resident of the United States have a right to have their medical records protected from public disclosure. Thus, the only person who has a right to disclose Hillary Clinton’s medical records by law is, of course, Hillary herself (while she is alive, anyway). That said, I’d like to state that I in no way wish Hillary ill, even though I don’t like her actions and therefore don’t think that she should be our next President.

I have read many speculations of some doctors who never treated Hillary about what could be wrong with her based on their observations of her symptoms, but none of them are, of course, certain. It’s understandable that her actual doctors should not release the details of her true medical condition because they’d be liable for breach of HIPAA laws and be sued for that. Still, since the stakes are so high and it does matter in what medical and mental condition are people who are fighting to lead our country, I think that all Presidential candidates have to disclose the details of their medical evaluation done by a group of the independent doctors (not their primary physician who they may have formed personal relationships with). So far I have not seen this happening, and so all we have to go on are the speculations seen on the Internet. Since the President will have access to the “red button” that could deploy American nuclear arsenal and start a war, I believe it is absolutely necessary that our Presidential candidates’ mental health be thoroughly evaluated and reported on. Although it’s been researched that about 95% of people who succeed in politics are, in fact, clinical sociopaths or even psychopaths, they’re still being elected and followed by us, the common folks. Therefore, disclosing of the mental health information of any potential politician’s, I think, must take a priority over any other health information, relevant or not.

However, all the speculations around Hillary Clinton’s condition revolve over her seizures and fainting symptoms that are being observed during her public appearances, although the latest 9/11 episode have caused so much hype that WABC TV station host have declared her dead on 9/11! Since it’s highly unlikely that a news host could have made such a huge mistake, people are now wondering whether Hillary we saw leaving her daughter’s apartment building was, in fact, Hillary Clinton of her body double? As a result of these speculations, Clinton’s office has finally released Hillary’s medical condition via the letters from her doctor, stating that nothing is seriously wrong with her. In response, Donald Trump has also disclosed his medical evaluation to the Dr. Oz, although Clinton’s campaign told us that he didn’t. All this drama and anecdotal behavior of our Presidential candidates and this unprecedented campaign remind me of both Alice’s Wonderland and the Oz world ruled by the Wizard of Oz… I often think that I’ve had enough of this nonsense and just want to wake up from this silly slumber!

When it comes to Hillary Clinton’s health in particular, I doubt it would matter as much if people didn’t think that her symptoms point to some potentially fatal condition, and so her selection (obviously, what we’re observing now is not an election) could essentially leave us with her choice of Vice President to lead the U.S., and that, of course, could also have some serious consequences, though probably less vital than if Hillary will remain in power for the next four or, God forbid, eight years… After all, do you remember the President Franklin D. Roosevelt and how his unfortunate demise shortly before the end of the World War II have changed the Human history forever after his Vice President Harry S. Truman have decided to drop two nuclear bombs on Japan and have started the Cold War with the USSR after he became the President of the United States by default, without going through full election process?

Therefore, while voting for the next President of the United States, we have to keep in mind and research on what kind of the President would Vice Presidential nominees make, if given that chance. We don’t know much about Tim Kaine, except that he’s supposedly religious centrist who supports imposing strict gun control laws on the U.S. citizens, but that last fact alone could stir some major civil unrest in this country… As for his foreign policy, I can bet that he would be just as dedicated of supporter of aggressive foreign policy as Hillary Clinton is. Otherwise, they both would never be backed up by the U.S. Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street, don’t you think?

We are already paying for our mistake of electing Obama in hopes for “change” and his promises to stop the “endless wars” overseas. As a wise man said, “the more things change – the more they stay the same”… I recommend you reading this article from Counterpunch and think about the choices that we have to make soon. While contemplating on the future of our once great and respectable country, I want you to keep in mind all pros and cons when it comes to the candidates’ both foreign and domestic policies because we all, unfortunately, will have to live with our choices, thought we should keep in mind, that the puppeteers will do everything in their power to make sure they take our choices away from us… Maybe it’s not too late to speak up and act on our beliefs and hopes for this country? The alternative may be much worse…

Author: Emily Ford

Don’t Let the Big Bad “Wolf” and “Judas Goat” to Lead the Sheep to Slaughter!

It is now official that former Deputy Secretary of Defense in the George W. Bush administration and neoconservative icon and Iraq War architect Paul Wolfowitz is most likely to support Hillary Clinton instead of Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. Why doesn’t that surprise me? If you think about the wars that were started under Bush and Wolfowitz’s watch, you’ll see a correlation between their militant heritage and Hillary Clinton’s plans for an all-out World War III scenario. She’s expected to finish what they started. Horrific, isn’t it? But to them it’s all just money-making scheme. In fact, it seems to me that Hillary Clinton is that “Judas Goat” that is set up to lead us, the “sheep”, to slaughter…

I always wondered how can anyone make any money in the war? While the cost of the weapons used in wars ends up costing millions or even billions of dollars, not to mention human suffering, the wars are still being instigated even in the poorest countries on Earth… So who is paying for all those weapons? When I read a book by Smedley Butler called “War Is A Racket”, it all made sense: the weapon makers profit from wars because they get paid with our tax money now to make more weapons for future wars, while at the same time the weapons that were already built and paid for our “defense” are now being used in all those proxy wars overseas that our country is starting in those “Third World” countries. Thus, U.S. Military Industrial Complex and everyone who’s partnering with them profit. Who is victimized? The taxpayers, whose money is used for warfare instead of improving our lives, the soldiers, paying the ultimate price with their lives, and the victims of wars who get raped, dismembered or killed in the process of extracting the wealth of their homeland’s resources right from under them.

This is the short orientation on the war machine that Hillary Clinton is set to feed with our livelihoods in not so distant future. Her popularity among neoconservatives and supporters of infinite wars is very troubling, making her the candidate of the “War Party”, and definitely not the people of the United States. If you don’t like Trump for whatever reason, it’s not your only choice to vote for Clinton! There another peace-oriented Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein that have recently tweeted on Paul Wolfowitz’s decision to vote Clinton, mentioning that Democratic Party becomes the preference for “neocon war hawks” like Wolfowitz and Clinton.

Source: Tweet

Until we all realize that the American people risk losing thousands of soldiers and officers in these needless “Infinite Wars”, and that our soldiers are not “defending our Freedoms” (what freedoms and from whom?), there’s not much that could be done regarding the plans to instill Hillary Clinton into the White House and let her madness (pun intended) run wild to please the super-rich and powerful war mongers and the Elite. I predict that our votes will be tampered with, so I urge you to consider voting on paper ballots only and pray hard for our country and the rest of the world! Stay away from electronic voting and please reconsider your support for Hillary Clinton if you haven’t done so… May this year bring us all Peace, not War!

Author: Emily Ford


How the Bell Tolls for America We Once Knew

Then Democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary Rodham Clinton, left, has a word with aide

The news topic that is still popular this week is the emergence of emails from WikiLeaks that point out to a very dangerous corruption scheme that allows foreign nationals to get a tet-a-tet meeting with our, God forbid, future Missis President… For the right price, of course, but still… Isn’t it the same as selling out to the foreign governments? I had hard time believing that it’s possible for foreign governments or foreign citizens to influence the U.S. Presidential Elections in such a direct way as to contribute large sums of money to their preference of a candidate, but when I went to Clinton Foundation site to search for contributors, and who do I find?

The following foundations of foreign governments and foreign nationals are not even hiding their contributions to Hillary’s latest bid at the White House, and I just looked at the ones over a million dollars: Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada), AUSAID, Commonwealth of Australia, Kingdom of Norway [Government of Norway], Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi (from Saudi Arabia), Government of the Netherlands, Irish Aid, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), State of Kuwait, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, Dubai Foundation, Friends Of Saudi Arabia, and I’m sure there are more if we start digging into each name posted. My point here is: why are these entities so interested in the Clinton Foundation that they donated millions into it? Could it be that they’re investing and sponsoring a future President of the United States of Arabia [pun intended] and are interested in getting a good return on their investments afterwards? I mean, I doubt that these “philanthropists” are making such donations just to lower their tax bracket… And what about foreign governments like Saudi Arabia and Canada? What do they have to say about who should be our next President?

If I was accepting “donations” from multiple wealthy men and was attending the dates with them in exchange for huge amounts of money, I’d be called a very bad name, wouldn’t I? What makes our President-hopeful Hillary Clinton any better? What seriously worries me in addition to that is that Hillary’s personal aide is Huma Abedin, a Muslim woman that is married to a Jew, and mostly because she used to live in Saudi Arabia, and her father was an acquaintance of Saudi King at a time… It was noticed that Huma’s whisper into Hillary’s ear is usually enough to secure a private meeting between a large contributor and our future President (God forbid!) if all other attempts fail. I don’t take this fact lightly and I hate that our nation’s sovereignty is being sold out to the highest bidder like that! This is not the kind of country I’d like our kids to inherit from us, and I don’t want our children to become slaves of Saudis or Chinese for that matter because our generation allowed a 20 trillion dollar debt to occur…

In the meantime, over 50 of mysterious deaths were reported of people who were associated with Clintons and posed some risk to their mafia-level of operations, and if you haven’t been following, you should now because, as English poet John Donne once wrote it and an American novelist Ernest Hemingway has cited, No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine…”, and therefore any mans death diminishes me because I’m involved in mankind.” As this Clinton-related death toll grows, “never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.”

Author: Emily Ford

Clinton’s Feminism is Dangerous for the whole Humanity


The more I observe who is planning to vote for Hillary Clinton – the more I realize that majority of people who are buying into her act are, unfortunately, women. They may not be as savvy in politics, but they assume that a woman can do no wrong for this country. Well, in this case, I’m not sure if I can even call Hillary “a woman”. The claims that she has been “fighting for women’s rights” by supporting an “equal opportunity” and a “pro-choice” movement (I am calling them as “pro-baby-killing”) are very bizarre, but if you know about the goal of the Elite to free this planet from “unwanted people”, this isn’t that surprising at all… After all, the easiest way to get rid of someone is to kill it in vitro or even prevent it from being conceived. Thus – the Planned Parenthood and so called “women’s rights” to choose whether or not to have a baby… But if the baby that is being aborted is a girl, where are her women’s rights? Hillary Clinton, however, uses her feminist agenda to install herself into the President Office of the United States by the hands of ignorant women and some vicious men from Wall Street… Mostly those who think this world is overpopulated. Do you see a pattern here?

The fact remains that women voters are more active, and if you try to please them – you have a shot at winning the Elections. But pleasing them by offering them the right to abort and kill their babies is downright criminal! I am a woman to whom any child’s life is sacred, as it was given by God, and not by just some “sexy action”, as these Godless killers are trying to make us to believe… What American women are forgetting is that the former First Lady and the Secretary of State has done practically nothing to improve the lives of American women or women around the world. In fact,Hillary Clinton has spent decades destroying the same women her husband has abused over the years. She also supported the wars that killed millions of women and children in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and other countries. They must have been “unwanted” by her pack, too… The economic policies that Clintons were supporting have put Wall Street interests over ours. People have lost jobs, houses, healthcare, and their livelihoods because of them, and the living standards of average American family has suffered a decline, hitting hard less privileged women and children.

In addition, women’s rights are being violated all over this long lost world. Thousands of Syrian and Iraqi girls are being enslaved by ISIS fighters that somehow got their ugly hands on American arms… Religious fanatics who do not respect women of their enemies are acting against the whole Humanity, and these ISIS fanatics are therefore not truly religious and look more and more like American Military puppets than anything else. Mrs. Clinton must be really proud of her work as the Secretary of State… Think what you want, but I believe that the appearance of ISIS and other radical Islamic groups in the Middle East is a direct result of U.S. policies!

You may think that our American women’s rights will remain all intact if she gets elected (or selected), but that does seem questionable as well. Do you know how long women in other countries can stay home after giving birth? Anywhere from a year to three years without losing the right to her job! How long American women can stay home? Barely 3 months from the beginning of such birth giving “vacation”? What if there are, God forbid, any complications before the delivery? How long will they stay home after the baby is born if they used up most of those 12 weeks before giving birth? You guessed it! The 12 weeks are all we’re allowed to take for one pregnancy. This is an “equal opportunity” at its best, and I’m not even mentioning women having to deal with unequal wages being given to men for the same kind of job… That’s why a huge percentage of women nowadays remain “child-free”, and often not by choice. So whose choices is Hillary protecting now?


The fact is that Hillary is not a friend of minorities, of the poor, of neither working nor middle class. She’s a proponent of feminist anti-baby propaganda machine that is aiming to protect the livelihood of Elite and preserve Earth’s resources for the use by that Elite and nobody else. I realized this much after I received her campaign letter with offer to join her feminist club that could help me to get into better work places and participate in politics and lawmaking “club” to fight for women’s “pro-choice” rights… That letter has opened my eyes and has literally made my skin curl! However, when I was a part of her mailing campaign and her “target audience”, I saw right through it and her agenda, but her feminist rhetoric may still work on someone more gullible who will not be able to realize her true intentions and who will not see that she will not deliver on her promises to women or anyone else but Wall Street and Industrial Military Complex if she is ever elected… This woman is so dangerous to America and the whole Humanity that I reserve the right to call her a “non-woman”! She’s a most “an Alien”… Would you want an Alien to make decisions about your life and the lives of your children?

Author: Emily Ford

How NAFTA, WTO and TPP Turned an American Dream into a Nightmare
Source: The Nation

After DNC announced Hillary Clinton as the official Presidential Candidate from the Democratic Party, rumors emerged that she may possibly change her opinion about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that Obama was pushing for before leaving the Office. However, given Clintons’ history with Free Trade Agreements like North-American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed by her husband, I find it highly unlikely that she would have common sense to abolish the TPP. If you remember the consequences of accepting NAFTA and entering the World Trade Organization (WTO) for the American workers, TPP would be much worse: it’s NAFTA on steroids!

Although democratic majority in Congress first opposed NAFTA, after Democrat Bill Clinton was elected as President of the United States, he “surrounded himself with economic advisers from Wall Street, and in his first year pushed the approval of NAFTA through the Congress.” According to the same source, as a result of this free trade agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, millions of American workers lost their high-paying manufacturing jobs or experiences major pay cuts over the last 20 years, millions of Mexican workers working in agricultural and small business sectors have lost their jobs and were forced to flee to the U.S. in search for better life, thus increasing the influx of undocumented workers into the U.S. labor marker, allowing U.S. employers to lower wages for American workers as well. American middle class was pretty much destroyed by NAFTA and WTO agreements, and the American manufacturing jobs were moved to Mexico and China, stripping American workers just in the past decade off an estimated one hundred billion dollars. In fact, NAFTA alone is responsible for the loss of at least 1,000,000 good paying U.S. jobs, mostly in manufacturing while at the same time wages continue to be driven down. Huffington Post called Bill Clinton as the “Outsourcer-in-Chief”, stating that “the biggest beneficiaries of his administration were Wall Street, Chinese factory owners and U.S. banks and the biggest losers were blue collar workers.

Source: Huffington Post

When I think of how badly Bill Clinton’s decisions have affected my family and friends, I cannot imagine allowing his wife to put the last nail into the “coffin” of our “American Dream” that is turning into a nightmare. My father, for example, have worked for three manufacturing companies in the last 20 years that eventually went bankrupt, were bought up and then outsourced, laying American workers off. His pretty modest wages haven’t really increased over these years, and sometimes he even endured pay cuts or was forced to work only 4 days a week. My mother, who got into programming jobs about 18 years ago, was lucky to remain at her job till now, though he salary remains on the lower end, when compared with people in the same position and with the same experience. Her company was also bought up by an Australian firm who keeps outsourcing IT jobs and even attempted to close the office that my mom is working at. In fact, IT jobs, although still popular, have experienced wage freeze in the past 8-10 years or so because of massive outsourcing to India and opening up many Indian consulting services who provide Indian work immigrants to American companies at a much lower rate. In fact, I know many people who studied to be programmers back in 2000s, but were later forced to abandon working in IT area because they couldn’t compete with hundreds of thousands of Indian programmers who were imported into the U.S. on H1B visas due to Clintons’ shady agreements with Indian administration and the mob (I know about the existence of Clintons’ business associations with Indian business mafia from one former wife of one Indian version of a “Godfather”).

As for myself, I have also gone through two layoffs and one firing since 2001, and the last time I lost a good paying job was because I was replaced by a lower-paid Indian immigrant who couldn’t even do the job I was doing unless I sat next to her and showed her every step. I had to train her and document everything right before I lost my job after working for that company for 10 years, receiving a termination letter with a bogus reason of “not answering emails on time.” Now you know why I cannot be completely impartial when it comes to NAFTA, WTO, TPP or any other free trade agreements or outsourcing laws…

I truly believe that the reason why high-skilled jobs are being taken away from American citizens is not because Americans are more stupid than highly educated Indians, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian or Chinese immigrants (although, American school system is highly inadequate, to say the least), but because of the tax laws and wage differences that allow companies to save more money if they employ non-Americans. This has to change, and fast, or else American people will never be able to pay up their debts, causing the eventual collapse of our inflated economy that will trigger the whole world order to collapse. For many years, people from many countries have been coming to America in search for a better life and pursuit of their own “American Dream”, but think about this for a moment: when we can no longer find a job in the U.S. that would keep our families above the poverty level, where would we be going to get a good job? Will there be any countries left? If Russia ends up getting away from dollar-based trading and creates their own gold-based currency, I don’t see any other choice but for all Americans to start learning Russian, and fast! You could try learning Chinese, of course, but I heard it’s much more difficult to learn. On a serious note, though, I really don’t know how long can this sham of the free market capitalism go on for until it crashes and burns us all…

Remember when Hillary Clinton decided to continue with her husband’s economic policies and support both Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific Partnership agreements that are being lobbied by the Obama administration despite numerous protests from American trade unions and middle and lower class workers and environmental activists? For now, the pressure from the left wing of the Democratic Party  forced Hillary Clinton to switch her position from support to opposition to the free trade agreements, but if the former First Lady is going to be elected as U.S. President this November, there’s no telling as to what she will decide then. Because she was sponsored by Wall Street and big corporations, she will most likely take her sponsors’ orders and do everything in her power to promote the interests of transnational corporations at the expense of American workers. An average American worker cannot possibly compete with the slave wages in China. Our cost of living is just too high… Also, because the Chinese cleverly manipulate their currency to give subsidized Chinese products price advantages in foreign markets, there would be really nothing any of us could do to fix this situation that our lawmakers have put us through. Only a new U.S. President who would be bold enough to challenge the “status quo” and change the policies of former Presidents to protect American workers and their livelihoods can possibly save this country from its imminent self-destruction, and it’s definitely not Hillary Clinton!

Author: Emily Ford