The Olympic Wars 2016: a Psychological Battle in the Informational War

The Olympic Games in ancient times, when they first begun at Mt. Olympia in Greece in 776 B.C., were held without interruptions till they were abolished by the Christian Byzantine Emperor Theodosius I in 393 A.D., and they ran even in 480 B.C., during the Persian Wars. The Olympic Games in were revived and made international in 1896. However, politics started influencing the universal spirit of the Olympic Games when World War I and World War II caused cancellation of the Olympics in 1916, 1940 and 1944. In addition, when the Olympic Games were held right after each war had ended, the nations that lost the war were not invited to the games. At some points, like in 1980 and 1984, there was limited participation in the games due to some nations boycotting the events due to disagreements over the events in Afghanistan that occurred right before the Olympic Games of 1980. Nevertheless, no major nation was banned from participating in the Olympic Games for issues of disqualification of a few individual competitors, even on the grounds of taking performance-enhancing drugs or a painkiller… Not until now, at least.

The way that politics keeps interfering in the into the spirit of Olympic comradery and internationalism could be seen during the beginning of the Olympic Games of 2008, when Georgia attacked people of South Ossetia (after Georgian troops were trained by the U.S. Army), while the eyes of the world were pinned to the Olympic Games that started in Beijing that day, and also during the Olympics of 2014, when U.S. President Barack Obama boycotted the Olympic Games held in Sochi, Russia, and asked other leaders to do the same, while at the same time the nationalistic groups, backed and trained by the U.S. military, successfully overthrew the legitimate Ukrainian Government and later installed the puppet Junta “government” that later started a civil war in its own people in Donbas region. What’s different now, in 2016, is the attempt to disqualify the whole team of Russian Federation on the grounds of supposed doping found in several competitors, whose preliminary dope testing is being supposedly hindered by Russian officials. We know that in this time and age, all medal winners are being tested for the use of performance-enhancing drugs right after the competition, and a handful of Gold and Silver medalists were disqualified for this reason after the testing. Why is Russia being singled out like this months before the Summer Olympics of 2016?

In a sport that’s individual, making a whole team suffer is looking more like a punishment that was favored by the Nazi: they killed many civilian hostages for killings of a few of their soldiers, regardless of who actually killed the soldiers. In individualistic society like we have here, in the U.S., mass punishment like this would cause an uproar and a revolution. In fact, when a few black people get killed, the whole Black community rises up to fight for its own. Why is the whole Olympic Community being so complacent in this case of utter injustice that can backfire by making all other “unwanted” countries to be banned from the Olympic Games in the future on the bogus grounds of “suspected doping”?

I am questioning the fairness and impartiality of the International Olympic Committee and International Association of Athletics Federations Council and their decisions because if they make the precedence of banning a huge country like Russia, who historically has been winning nearly as many medals as China and the United States, then the international spirit of the Olympic Games will be lost forever, and the medalists will most likely be all fake. Do we want to cast the Olympic Games into another weapon of war? We already have been fighting informational wars all over Internet and Mass Media, and these wars have already ripped apart families and friendships between people across the Globe and torn apart the whole countries. We also observed how Economic Wars are made to isolate a country we don’t like, though, thank God, not all countries think alike because Economic Wars backfire big time (and fast). Please don’t start the Olympic Wars if you cannot handle the consequences like having a hot, real war with your enemy because, when all ties are broken and all bridges are burnt, going to war with a country like Russia would be a disaster of cosmic proportions!

Author: Emily Ford

Reading Between the Lines of News Reports on Orlando Massacre


Although I have tried hard to stay away from the latest media frenzy about Orlando massacre (due to my traditional family values and a view on guns as a necessary evil needed in hard cases of self-defense), I can no longer stay away from speaking up after reading an interesting investigational article that puts another spin on the story by linking Omar Mateen’s last actions and his father’s connection to the wars in Afghanistan, and even to the US State Department. What caught my attention was a claim that, according to Ahmad Saeedi, a political analyst in Kabul, Omar Mateen’s father, Mir Seddique Mateen, fought in the Afghan jihad to expel the Soviet invasion, before emigrating to the US thirty-one years ago: “A fierce anti-communist, Mateen was a captain in the ranks of the mujahedeen who fought the Soviet occupation, Saeedi said. Once in the US, he promoted himself to the rank of general.” Pardon me for having a Déjà vu moment here, but isn’t it at least the second time that the American people suffer from U.S.-sponsored wars abroad? The first time, just on my watch, was Boston bombings, supposedly implemented by Tsarnaev brothers who were Chechen expatriates and whose parents came to this country to seek the asylum “citing fears of deadly persecution due to their ties to Chechnya”, according to Wikipedia. However, I’ve read enough over the years to know that U.S. has sponsored Arab mujahideen fighters in Chechnya who fought against Russian military in both civil wars, so Boston bombing, if they were not a “false flag” like some now believe, seemed like a Karmic retribution to me.

Although ISIS is being blamed lately for downing planes and attacking people, most of us know who sponsored ISIS and trained their fighters: CIA, Obama administration and Ms. Hillary Clinton when she was still the Secretary of State. This fact adds a completely different spin on the story, making me question if this attack could also be a “false flag” targeting the ban on all guns in the U.S. that most Americans will not agree to, causing riots and possibly a Civil War II if needed in order to defend the U.S. Constitution from the limitations being put on American freedoms lately with the laws imposed on us by Obama and Bush administration. I can only guess why gay club became a target, but considering how many Americans still favor traditional family values, is it because not everyone may want to condemn such an attack or is it because someone wanted Obama, who is especially fond of gay community, to react to this massive attack in a more radical way than he usually does? And the way ISIS is being brought into this picture by both the killer and very timely statement from ISIS is making me wonder if the next step could be a new American war on ISIS, though I have hard time believing that Obama administration can ever seriously fight with its own protégé… But what about the Afghan roots of a killer? Can they be the obvious cause of this Karmic effect or is it a pure coincidence? What puzzles me, though, is a report that AR-15 style weapon was used in this attack and also in some previous attacks on American soil, including the Sandy Hook massacre that is also believed by many to be a hoax.

Regardless of who ordered or influenced Orlando killings, people got killed, families still suffer, and the whole world is in much greater shock than it ever was during the last 2 years of civil war in Donbass region of Ukraine or during the last 5 years of civil and not so civil war in Syria… Ironic, isn’t it? And yet, something must be done to protect the innocent lives all over the world, and not just in America! The first thing that comes to mind is the necessity of regulations around sell of weapons in the U.S. However, after observing the fruitless attempts by American Government to control gun sales in the country, I now believe that guns that can be used for self-defense should still be allowed, and that the ban is needed for all automatic assault rifles, such as AR-15, AK-47 and anything that shoots faster than one bullet in a few seconds. I also believe that current ban on concealed gun carry in public places, including bars, stores, schools, offices and parks, does not work if one crazy shooter comes along, as there would be nobody around with a self-defense gun who’d be able to take the shooter down before the police squad arrives. By then it may be too late for some innocent bystanders… If you want the mass shootings to stop, ban all assault rifles and allow open carry or concealed carry of revolvers or semi-automatic pistols around the country, but do train everyone who you trust with gun licenses and do a thorough check on their background, including an examination by a licensed psychiatric professional, which is currently not being done at all.

It is hard to say how the future President of the United States will act to solve the gun situation in America, but chances are that neither Hillary Clinton, nor Donald Trump will go further than Barack Obama with the gun ownership laws in the country, though the polls show that Donald Trump’s support has increased noticeably after Orlando shootings, but that increase may be attributed more to his resolve to put a thorough control over who comes into our country and why. For all we know, Hillary may as well be called “a Godmother of ISIS”, and thus I have hard time believing she will do anything that can stop ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks on American people on American soil. Wouldn’t you? So much for the Patriot Act imposed on us after 9/11 by prior U.S. President George Bush that have taken away our freedoms of speech and to privacy, while providing no real protection against future terror attacks on and off the American soil…

Author: Emily Ford

“Anaconda-2016” is a Prelude to the War in “the Jungle”

Looks like NATO is yanking Russia’s chain again, leading a major military exercises since the Cold War I with half a Europe. As one article described it, “NATO forces have begun the largest military exercise in Europe since the end of the Cold War. Designed to simulate the alliance’s response to a Russian attack on Poland and the Baltic States, the 10-day exercise will include parachute landings, live-fire exercises, bridging operations, and electronic warfare and cyberwar scenarios. The U.S. Army calls Anaconda 2016 a ‘joint defensive operation on a large scale’ that features 31,000 participants from 24 NATO countries. With 14,000 U.S. troops participating, American Army units are at the center of the Polish-led exercise.”

Just imagine it for a moment: massive parachute landings are being practiced as a “defense measure”! Well, unless those are all military pilots being trained to catapult out of shut-down military planes, I don’t buy it, and neither should you. As that article concluded, NATO is exercising to prepare for the war with Russia, and there should no longer be any doubts about it.

If you read previous news about NATO, you know that Montenegro was just accepted into the Alliance, regardless of multiple objections by its people who, by the way, suffered greatly from NATO when it was still part of Yugoslavia… Montenegro people got literally stabbed in the back by this latest act of its puppet leaders. NATO exercises will also reap US – Russian relations further apart, making our world even less safe, and this rift is looking even more morbid with Hillary Clinton positioning herself to win the US Presidential elections in November. As you know, she was sponsored by Wall Street and Military Industrial Complex, and those people will want their money back one way or another: mostly though huge military orders that will be worth billions. American people who think that it should concern them should think twice because we will be paying for it by not just our tax money, but also by our lives! Even if you or your children won’t go to the US Army (though many impoverished families have no other means to earn good money), you can still become a target of retaliatory bomb or a missile… And whether it will be nuclear or conventional – won’t even matter anymore. Thus, we should all think really hard about the consequences of our choices in November!

As the Guardian reported, “Anaconda-2016 is a prelude to Nato’s summit in Warsaw on 8-9 July, which is expected to agree to position significant numbers of troops and equipment in Poland and the Baltic states.” So, here we have it: NATO will increase its presence even more, surrounding Russia in a suffocating snake’s hug… However, Anaconda can’t just suffocate you: it can swallow you as well. We will have to wait and see if this “Anaconda” can swallow (and digest) a whole “bear”, but the point it: it shouldn’t even try it because in Nature, they live in different climatic zones, across the Atlantics… And there they should remain!

Author: Melinda White

Vices and Virtues of Vice-Presidential Race


It looks like Bernie Sanders have lost all hope to become the next President of the United States because he recently expressed expectation that if Hillary Clinton becomes the official Presidential nominee from the Democratic Party, she does not choose her Vice President from Wall Street. Seriously, if he’s so close to giving up, maybe he shouldn’t become our next President? But if not him, then who? We all know that when U.S. Presidents come to the Office, they choose their own “partners in crime”, including Vice President, with whom they participate in the Elections as a “two for the price of one” kind of deal.

Truthfully, I have no idea who Donald Trump would choose as his running mate, but if I were him, I’d join the forces with Ted Cruz, the next popular candidate from the Republican Party, or someone that American public may like. However, when it comes to Hillary Clinton, one can only guess who she will choose. She may ask her husband to run with her, making him the first U.S. President to return to the Office as Vice President after serving as President. However, I think this country is getting tired of all “the firsts” and may not go for it. After all, it will then look like a family mafia is running the whole country.

Hillary may, of course, pick someone who is going to keep an eye on her and ensure her loyalty to Wall Street and U.S. Military-Industrial Complex, her main benefactors. That would be very bad news for American people because then we will head straight into the World War III with Russia, China and maybe even India. Given the amount of Chinese and Indians currently residing within the United States, our country will soon be in chaos even if no nuclear weapons will be used by anyone.

Her last and most logical choice, therefore, would be to pick a dear old Bernie Sanders to become her running mate for the Office. She will then show to American public her non-existent compassion and ability to share her wins with former adversaries, ability to negotiate and join forces with “the enemy” in order to reach her goals, and the wisdom and sneakiness of a snake that, let’s face it, she probably is… And hey, she will then keep all his voters who would otherwise probably go and pledge allegiance to Donald Trump, a Media-made enemy of the whole political “Establishment” and of the lower income U.S. population alike. This sounds like a win-win situation, but the question remains: “If Bernie Sanders is given a chance to run with Hillary Clinton and become the next Vice President of the United States of America, will he allow our Misses President to stage an all-out World War that will definitely evolve into a war on American soil?” If he does, we all are doomed. If he doesn’t, we may still have a chance, but why risk it? Let’s just vote for Donald Trump and “make Russian President Vladimir Putin very happy”, as Mrs. Clinton have recently put it in her desperate attempts to win this ultimate prize needed to rule (and destroy) the World. Perhaps then we will have a better chance of avoiding a nuclear war on this Planet.

Author: Melinda White