Unapologetic State of U.S. International Affairs: What Else Is New?


In 70.5 years that have passed since the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the U.S. Air Force, Washington has not apologized to the Japanese people for horrific civilian casualties of at least 300,000. And now the U.S. President Barack Obama is taking time off his precious golf course to visit Hiroshima, of all places? He picked the most painful place on Earth to visit before his presidency expires next year, and it’s not the first time he does that. Remember him going to Cuba earlier this year and how humiliating that trip was for him? Let’s just hope that Japanese collective memory is just as good as Cuban.

While people who American Military have wronged in the past 70 years are still alive, an apology for numerous atrocities would be nice to hear, but as George H. W. Bush have stated back in 1988 as a Vice-President of the U.S., “I’ll never apologize for the United States – I don’t care what the facts are… I’m not an apologize-for-America kind of guy.” Who is? Obama is probably not that kind either. And yet, here he goes – visiting Hiroshima next week…

The upcoming visit by US President Barack Obama to Hiroshima may be used by Washington as a PR (Public Relations) mission to demonstrate friendship between the only country in the history of the world that had used nuclear weapons in combat and its unfortunate victim. However, the United States have been ignoring the protests of Japanese population against the presence of U.S. military bases on Japanese soil for decades, so Obama’s good intentions may fall on deaf ears, at least in Japan. Unless he does this PR trick to show off in front of the whole world, going to Japan without plans to apologize for the use of nuclear weapons against their country is not worth getting away from his favorite golf course…

Let’s forget Obama for a second and see if any regular Americans would be willing to apologize to Japanese for the war ending with nuclear blasts and huge loss of life? After all, as ABC News article states, “about 180,000 people recognized by the government as survivors are still alive. Many have remained unmarried and without children because of concerns about birth defects, or have suffered from cancer and other radiation-induced illnesses.” In my book, human suffering from a nuclear blast is worse than from the Pearl Harbor’s bombing, not to mention that civilians were the primary targets in bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and not the Japanese Military.

And yet, after interviewing a few of otherwise kind American men who seem to know what nuclear physics is all about, I’ve heard the same story again and again. Apparently, “it was necessary to bomb the hell out of Japan to spare hundreds of thousands of American soldiers’ lives that would be lost if America were to engage in combat on Japanese soil.” As “USA Today” reported in its cliché editorial, “American veterans and historians say that the attacks hastened the end of the war and saved thousands, if not millions, of additional lives.” However, what many of you may not know, on the same day the second nuclear bomb was dropped on Japanese city of Nagasaki (on August 9, 1945), the Soviet Army began a massive land operation on Japanese military installations (note: not civilians!), overwhelming Japanese forces in Manchuria, and so the losses of Japanese military to the Russians between August 9 and August 27 of 1945 were the real reason for Japanese surrendering to the Allied Forces. Therefore, the desire to stop the WWII faster is probably not the real reason behind America’s use of its first two nuclear bombs. I bet it was a show off for the Soviets to hint who’s the boss now that U.S. have created its first nuclear weapons (with the help of defected Nazi scientists, I must add)… Nevertheless, the bogus explanation of “saving American lives” is what is being taught as justification for the use of nuclear weapons to all students in American schools and universities, and the role of Soviet Army in winning of the WWII is being unfairly diminished.

What’s more interesting, though, is that Japanese history books have also fell under U.S. “magic spell” because younger population of Japan is now being taught that the “Allied Forces” of WWII bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and so many automatically assume that Soviet Army did it, with no questions asked. It’s unfair to the Russians, but lucky for Americans, isn’t it? And Japan is now such a good friend to the U.S. that this huge lie is making my skin crawl!

But what if Obama’s visit to Hiroshima is simply another attempt to justify the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to him back in 2009? Does anyone care for his Peace Prize by now after his administration has bombed seven countries in the last 7.5 years? If he wasn’t impeached for his disrespect to the American ideals and worldwide war crimes, who would want his Peace Prize back? Remember, Barack Obama’s recent trip to Havana that was promoted as a breakthrough in Cuban-American relations has actually brought no real results. Chances are, his Hiroshima trip will be no better.

Author: Melinda White


From Informational War to Race War: Divided We’ll Fall

Source: OccupyCNN-Protest

Remember when Donald Trump was interviewed about unsolicited support he received from former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke? Remember how he was suddenly blamed as racist, with all kinds of bad tags and slogans appearing next to Trump’s name and pictures at the protests that kept shutting his rallies down? Well, Karma must be a bitch, after all, as it now came to my attention that Ku Klux Klan’s Grand Dragon Will Quigg, who is responsible for KKK recruitment in the Western part of the US, now wants Hillary Clinton to win, as was reported by independent news reporters and some international media (see this video, for example). Do you care to know why KKK likes “the White Witch of the East” (and her native Midwest) that much? That’s when it gets even more interesting:

We want Hillary Clinton to win,” Mr. Quigg told The Telegraph. “She is telling everybody one thing, but she has a hidden agenda. She’s telling everybody what they want to hear, so she can get elected. Because she’s Bill Clinton’s wife, she’s close to the Bushes. Once she’s in the presidency, she’s going to come out, and her true colors are going to show. Border policies are going to be put in place. Our second amendment rights [favoring gun ownership] that she’s saying she’s against now, she’s not against. She’s just our choice for the presidency.”

Now, where are requests for her comment on this “surprising” endorsement? Don’t we want to know what she thinks of this latest revelation of the 21st Century? Does anyone even care about Ku Klux Klan by now? Not really. Not the white people, anyway… They work and has no time to read alternative news sources or investigate conspiracy theories. But what about the colored America that just loves to hate Mister Trump any day of the week now? Do they care? And should they?

Apparently I have more questions than Hillary got answers, but what about the rise of race discrimination going on all over our country lately? Who is dividing once “United” States of America by all the means possible: by race, by wealth, by gender, by sexual preferences, by political party, by preferred Presidential candidate? Are we that close to losing our minds and waging a Race War in America? Will choosing Hillary bring our country towards that edge? Remember: divided, we’ll fall!

If you think that Mrs. Clinton cannot discriminate against African-Americans, search the Web for a guy named “Danny Williams” who claims that he is Bill Clinton’s illegitimate black son and read his story. Apparently, Hillary has threatened his mother and his aunt to keep quiet ever since Danny was little. All this young man with Bill Clinton’s smile wants is to be acknowledged by his father, and he asks for DNA test to proof that he’s not lying. Clintons prefer to look the other way, ignoring the young man completely. That’s enough to convince me that Hillary is prejudiced against the black folks even when they have an audacity to be related to her husband… What about you? Are you still thinking that voting for “the White Witch of the East” will be good for America with our multi-racial and multi-national country profile? Ku Klux Klan surely thinks she will be! And I think we should pay serious attention to their choice now!

Source: Emily Ford

If Elections are Fair and Square, Why are We So Divided?


Over 850 complaints have been filed with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about the facts of prejudiced coverage of Presidential Election 2016 and preferential treatment given during Democratic debates to the most favorite candidate of our political establishment Hillary Clinton. Three major cable networks were reported to be biased when it comes to covering Clinton versus Sanders debate, with CNN being noted for hiding the results of the polls that favored Bernie Sanders and editing the debate footage in such a way that Bernie Sanders was not getting a fair chance to get the Democratic nomination. Many of the complaints also noted the connection between large donations made by Time Warner, the parent company of CNN, to Clintons throughout the years and the favoritism displayed by CNN for Hillary Clinton. It feels like Time Warner is buying itself the allegiance of, God forbid, the future President of the United States. CNN, of course, did not respond to any of the allegations or request for comment.

FCC, on the other hand, responded that it has no authority to regulate CNN and cannot restrict content coming from the cable networks. What’s ironic is that FCC is actually barred from censorship and infringement on the First Amendment right of the press. Nonetheless, there seem to be no free and unbiased press left in this country, regardless of our constitutional laws that may and are now often used against us, common citizens of the United States.

One of the most popular complaints was about access to the debates that primarily aired over the cable networks and were not available to people with basic TV packages, which filtered out most Americans, especially those of lower incomes who may have favored Bernie Sanders and his plans and aspirations for social equality (if there’s such a thing in a highly capitalistic society). The complaints were made against Fox News, CNN and MSNBC during the period between August 5, 2015 and March 15, 2016, covering the whole debate season that contributed to us having to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the frontrunners of this Election.

There was also about a dozen of complaints that reported giving too much or too favorable attention to Donald Trump, while some expressed that Fox News and other networks smeared this Republican candidate, and a few complained about Trump’s rhetoric, which, as we all know by now, is also out of control of FCC…

There are also reports about preparations being made by some left political parties and followers of Bernie Sanders to physically come to the Republican National Convention 2016 in Clevelend, Ohio, in order to object to Donald Trump being chosen to run against Hillary Clinton, which makes little sense if they were really Bernie Sanders’ supporters. Wouldn’t they instead want to visit the Democratic National Convention 2016, demanding for fairness in the elections for Bernie Sanders to be nominated as Democratic candidate instead of Hillary Clinton?

Overall, American people are tired of this farce of Elections and all the shenanigans that became so obvious during this election season. American nation as a whole is deeply divided – even more than during a few close presidential elections over the past 20 years. As we all know, a Nation divided is bound to fail, and so are we if our so called leaders don’t get their act together and start acting like the true leaders and true American patriots, and not as cheaters and deceivers who are selling out to the highest bidder.

Author: Melinda White