Has Cuba Stepped on a Path of the USSR?


Today marked a historic day for Cuba and the United States of America, as Barack Obama visited Havana as the first U.S. President since Nixon’s times. The blockade that was just lifted had lasted for 55 years, which was probably longer than any other country that was being unliked by the U.S. for… I said “unliked” for a lack of a stronger, but decent word. When tensions rose during the Caribbean Crisis, it was the generation of our parents who were worried about the nuclear war. Now, as tensions rise with Russia and China for purely economic and imperialistic reasons, it’s us and our children who will worry about the up and coming World War III, just waiting to get nuclear…

And yet, Cuba is no longer our enemy, which is good. What’s interesting is that Obama was greeted by Cuban rain, as if it tried to clean him up of all the evil wrongdoings. After all, it was Obama who promised American people back in 2009 that he will close the Guantanamo Bay military base and prison camp, and then prolonged the time allowed to detain the foreign nationals held in that camp indefinitely just a few years later. How is that for Human Rights violation? Though, it was Castro who was asked about Human Rights violations in his country in regards to the “prisoners of consciousness” who he had no idea still existed. Of course, he promised to let go of everyone who would be brought to his attention by the sundown.

What he should have promised instead is to free those political prisoners (if they do exist) in response to the United States releasing all the detainees held in their Guantanamo Bay facilities. That would be a fair trade, don’t you think? In fact, that would be a win-win situation for both American and Cuban people! Americans would not get their tax money used to sustain the Guantanamo Bay camp (and hopefully a base), and Cuban could get their land back… Or could they? Would US really mean it and do clear out of that paradise island whatsoever? This sounds very unlikely. After all, it loaned that piece of land way longer that it was agreed upon back in 1903, and the last 55 years of the uncashed checks that Castro-s government never deposited as a payment for the land being leased by force did not make any difference either. It looks to me that U.S. can only negotiate a deal backed by force of an army. A Russian Army, in particular, which for sure Raul Castro may call out to if U.S. starts doing its regular “monkey business” of messing with country’s internal affairs or staging the coup d’etat.

What comes to mind is the fall of the Berlin wall and Iron Curtain back in the late 1980s, and the followed demise of the USSR, which was brokered by the promises of Russian-American friendship and the World Peace and Freedom for all… Does the same fate awaits the Cubans, too? We’ll just have to wait and see, but let’s be hopeful, for all free-spirited Cubans’ sake.

Marina Nova

March 21, 2016.

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